About Us

Vickerey (vik'er-ee) is a lifestyle marketplace for the conscious yet luxury consumer. Our online boutique carries a carefully-selected collection of clothing, accessories, beauty, gifts and home goods for women and men.

We are all about quality, understated style, healthy living, and conscious choices. We're dedicated to offering a sublime collection of products that add character to your life. And of course, ensuring that you have a marvelous experience with us, exceeding your expectations with attentive and thoughtful service. Our hope is that everything you receive from Vickerey will bring a little smile, a little calm, and a little luxury.

As an upscale specialty retailer, we aim to offer lifestyle products to conscious, creative, and stylish consumers who value the environment, sustainable economy, personal development, wellness and good living. Many products at Vickerey.com are even made from environmentally-friendly materials such as organic cotton, renewable or recycled paper, and hemp. We are the leading online retailer for the best of a stylish boutique with conscious choices. Everything at Vickerey is animal-friendly. Nothing contains any animal by-products or is tested on animals. Furthermore, none of the products we buy or sell contain fur, leather, silk, or any other ingredients derived from harming animals. This is the art of living the good life!

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service to make your luxury shopping experience wonderful. We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we've enjoyed creating this collection for you, and hope to become a part of your amazing lifestyle.

-- Vickerey